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Of Woods and Wonderlands: Dual Exhibition by Pang Yun and Li Yuming

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Of Woods and Wonderlands: Dual Exhibition by Pang Yun and Li Yuming

Exhibition Duration: May 8 to June 14, 2015
Participating Artists: Pang Yun and Li Yuming

Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s dual exhibition Of Woods and Wonderlands features paintings of delicate trees, dark skies, and imaginative landscapes by Chinese artists Pang Yun and Li Yuming. The natural world, with its innate order and raw strength, has long inspired the minds of men, and Of Woods and Wonderlands continues this tradition by exploring the convergence of art, nature, and reflection in the contemporary mindset.

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." - Aristotle

In their first exhibition at Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Chongqing-based artists Pang Yun and Li Yuming offer introspective interpretations of landscape painting, which has roots in both Western Romanticism and Eastern shan-shui painting. With hints of sublime mystery and classical Chinese rational fluidity, Pang and Li capture the largess and limitless horizon of their imagined landscapes in scenes of dense layered woods and evocative wonderlands. Of Woods and Wonderlands offers insight to both the allure of nature and the artists’ individual perspectives.

From Dante's dark wood to Frost's road not taken, diverging in a yellow wood, woods and wonderlands have a history of spurring within us a sense of adventure and fervent contemplation. What is it about endless forests, vast expanses, and the combination of sky, mountains, and rivers that inspires such awe? Traversing the landscape tradition, Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s Of Woods and Wonderlands reflects upon the marvel inherent in the natural world, and man’s intrinsic attachment to it.



展期: 2015年5月8日至6月14日

艺术+ 上海画廊本次举办的双个展“树林与仙境”主要呈现了艺术家庞云与李毓明的作品中优雅的树木,灰暗的天空和虚幻的风景。自然世界因其内生的秩序和原始的力量而一直激发人类的灵感,“树林与仙境”则是对这种传统的一种延续,它尝试探索将艺术、自然和思考融合于现代思维之中。





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