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Solemn Suns and Darkest Night

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Solemn Suns and Darkest Night: Contemporary Paintings by Patrick Lee and FloRéto

Exhibition Duration: June 19 to July 31, 2015
Participating Artists: Patrick Lee and FloRéto

Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s summer exhibition presents works of contemporary painting that capture those familiar emotions of heavy days and sleepless nights. Solemn Suns and Darkest Night presents a range of works of mostly acrylic on canvas from Taiwanese artist Patrick Lee and Shanghai-based French artist FloRéto. Linked by their design backgrounds and complementary dialogues, Lee and FloRéto feature meditative landscapes and abstract compositions that resonate with our own circadian rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, energy and light. There is a sense of the in between and other – of insomniac restlessness in the stark night and pensive rumination of wispy skies and low suns. With an air of hushed lullabies and chanted mantras, Solemn Suns and Darkest Night fulfills the cycle between day and night with a hypnotic appreciation of nature’s unmarred purity and unyielding darkness.

As Shanghai approaches the height of summer, when hazy suns and bright nights become ever more pronounced aspects of the city, the works of Solemn Suns and Darkest Night resonate with the city itself. Similar to Shanghai’s own hybrid identity as a Chinese yet global metropolis, artists Patrick Lee and FloRéto express a merging of East and West in their works. Their paintings are inspired by traditional motifs, international aesthetics, and their personal perceptions of contemporary culture. With extensive and varied backgrounds in artistic and design fields complemented by lifelong passions for the arts, the two artists express a desire to capture the mystery and enigma of nature, of landscape, and of China through the medium of painting. The dual exhibition Solemn Suns and Darkest Night: Contemporary Paintings by Patrick Lee and FloRéto will mark both artists’ first exhibition at Art+ Shanghai Gallery.



展期: 2015年6月19日至7月31日




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