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Wire and Light: An Exhibition of Sculptures by KeySook Geum


Wire and Light: An Exhibition of Sculptures by KeySook Geum

Exhibition Duration: November 8 to December 31, 2014
Participating Artist: KeySook Geum

Elegant and ethereal, floating forms fill the space, combining the materiality of twisted wire and beads, crystals, and pearls with the ephemeral qualities of light and shadow. There is a sense of poetry, cathartic release, and peaceful movement in the stillness of KeySook Geum’s works. Life-sized sculptures of dresses, qipaos, and other forms of fashion hover suspended in the air or draw from the walls, solid yet weightless. Their quietness and glamour display a marked femininity and feminism, a mixture of strength and transparency, wire and light.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s winter 2014 exhibition Wire and Light: An Exhibition of Sculptures by KeySook Geum is Korean artist KeySook Geum’s first exhibition in Shanghai. Featuring a range of her life-sized fashion art sculptures, Wire and Light is visual poetry of delicate ‘lace’ and flowing ‘fabric’ meticulously constructed from twisted wire and beads. Geum’s sculptures display a fusion of Asian and Western aesthetics, traditional and functional forms, and contemporary flair, displaying a sense of romanticism with fairytale-like glamor. Often taking the form of female garments, her works transform our preconceived notions of fashion into dramatic statements. There is a thoughtful eloquence to her work that entices viewers to step close, to linger, and to marvel at the wire and light.



展期: 2014年11月8日至12月31日


艺术+上海画廊2014冬季“线与光——琴基淑雕塑作品展”是来自韩国的琴基淑教授在上海首次举办的雕塑展。 “线与光”由金属丝和水晶珠子小心翼翼编织而成的一场关于优雅“蕾丝”与灵动“织布”的视觉诗歌,由一系列等身尺寸的服装艺术雕塑品组成。琴基淑教授用其在当代艺术方面的独特天分和眼光,创造出了一种融合东亚和欧美的艺术形式,为我们带来了一种闪耀着童话光芒的浪漫主义。琴基淑的作品经常借用女性装束的形式,将传统的时尚理念和女性的柔美,转变戏剧性表现。通过严谨的构思引领观展者对作品进行深入观察,徘徊,沉浸,惊叹。


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