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Affect/Effect: Transformation in the Work of Li Wei

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Affect/Effect: Transformation in the Work of Li Wei

Exhibition Duration: October 23 to December 31, 2015
Participating Artist: Li Wei

Rosy tender hands, rich fine wine,
The whole city blossomed with signs of spring.
By the palace wall the willow swayed
To and fro, to and fro.

In her latest solo exhibition Affect/Effect: Transformation in the Work of Li Wei, Beijing-based artist Li Wei continues her pictorial strategies of deconstructing and rebuilding China’s landscape scenery in her signature technique. Her latest series of works is based on a line from Phoenix Hairpin, a well-known poem by poet Lu You (1125 – 1210) written during the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279). The poem, a proclamation of love for his ex-wife, speaks of the sorrow the two former lovers experienced after an encounter in a courtyard with her new husband. Li Wei’s red and green paintings capture this sentiment by emphasizing absence through shadows and imprint, focusing on visual landscapes by using the silhouettes of natural forms as metaphors for memory and loss.

Echoing the melancholic tone of her red wall willows, Li Wei has created a series of green bamboo paintings as homage to her historic predecessors of traditional ink paintings for whom bamboo in poetry and paintings is abundant in symbolism. However, her willows and bamboo are similar to those of traditional Chinese ink paintings in subject only, Li Wei having developed her own contemporary technique of landscape painting. Her particular process is arduous, beginning with photo documentation enlarged to the point of pixel abstraction and later returned to a recognizable image through several layers of paint on canvas or silk. On full display in Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s presentation of Affect/Effect, the layers of process and meaning in Li Wei’s work are unfolded and revealed to viewers as they reflect on the perception of time.



展期: 2015年10月23日至12月31日



与画面中那带着忧郁色调的红色柳枝交相呼应的是绿色的竹子绘画,李威以此向她的水墨画前辈致敬。在诗歌和绘画中,竹富含象征意义。然而,她的柳和她的竹与传统中国水墨画仅在题材上相似,李威创造出她自己的当代山水画技巧。她那特殊的过程非常繁复,从放大的摄影纪录开始,将像素抽象化,随后再覆盖数层颜料到画布或绢上重新成为具体的图像。这次在艺术+ 上海画廊的个展“秋霜草木露凝香”将全面展开并展示李威创作的过程和意义,这两者体现了一种对时间的感知。


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